Bansal Class Physics Module



Hello friends this post contains links of Bansal Class physics modules for JEE mains and Advance. The modules are of latest year. They contain well described theory and good number of questions that you can practice. These materials will help you in your physics preparation journey of IITJEE. We have provided two links for view/download material for free. you can click on any of link and enjoy. Please share with your friends if you get benifit.

1.Unit,Dimensions and VectorsLink1Link2
3.Newtons Laws of Motion and FrictionLink1Link2
4.Centre of Mass,Momentum and collisionLink1Link2
5.Circular Motion and Work Power EnergyLink1Link2
6.Rotational DynamicsLink1Link2
7.Simple Harmonics MotionLink1Link2
8.Heat TransferLink1Link2
9.Kinetic Theory of gases and ThermodynamicsLink1Link2
10.Fluid MechanicsLink1Link2
13.Current ElectricityLink1Link2
15.Magnetic effects of current & MagnetismLink1Link2
16.Electromagnetic induction & ACLink1Link2
17.Geometrical OpticsLink1Link2
18.Wave OpticsLink1Link2
19.Modern PhysicsLink1Link2


This website has been created for sake of helping IITJEE aspirants to download study materials(PDFs,ebooks) for free. is constantly trying to help the students who cannot afford buying study materials and books. If you can afford it we suggest you to buy these materials from original publishers. does not own these materials at all,nor created nor scanned. we just provide links here that are already available on the internet. We donot guarantee any correctness or relevance of contents to the user. For any query and suggestions contact us at we assure to do our best.

We donot support any kind of piracy at all. These copies were provided only for needy students who are financially weak but deserve to learn.Thanks



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