Hello Friends you can download all chapters of Allen classes Chemistry module. Our website has links of all the study materials required to ace exams like JEE mains and Advance. The modules are of latest year. They contain well described theory and good number of questions that you can practice. These materials will help you in your physics preparation journey of IITJEE. We have provided two links for view/download material for free. you can click on any of link and enjoy. Please share with your friends if you get benifitted.

1.Atomic StructureLink1Link2
2.Chemical EquilibriumLink1Link2
3.Chemical KineticsLink1Link2
4.Colloidal StateLink1Link2
6.Ionic EquilibriumLink1Link2
7.Mole ConceptLink1Link2
8.Redox ReactionLink1Link2
9.State of MatterLink1Link2
10.The Solid StateLink1Link2
13.Chemical BondingLink1Link2
14.Coordination ChemistryLink1Link2
15.D Block ElementsLink1Link2
16.Environmental ChemistryLink1Link2
17.Group 1-2Link1Link2
18.Group 13-14-15Link1Link2
19.Group 16-17-18Link1Link2
22.Periodic TableLink1Link2
26.Alcohol, Phenol and EtherLink1Link2
27.Aldehydes and KetonesLink1Link2
28.Aliphatic and Aromatic AminesLink1Link2
29.Alkyl Halides and Aryl HalidesLink1Link2
30.Carbohydrates,Amino Acids and PolymersLink1Link2
31.Carboxylic acids and their derivativesLink1Link2
32.Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution ReactionLink1Link2
33.General Organics ChemistryLink1Link2
35.Nomenclature of Organic CompoundsLink1Link2
36.Purification MethodsLink1Link2
Index of Chemistry Study Material of Allen

Index of Chemistry Chapters


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